Hot chocolate or Fruit truffle? Guess Nakkhul’s favorite Christmas dessert!

The Christmas season is here and the celebrations have already begun in a big way. It’s time to get together with the family and relish some delicious home-made desserts. Our very own Naaku Mukka star Nakkhul is also all set to ring in the celebrations in style. Catching up with him on the sidelines of Dance Vs. Dance, where he is one of the judges, Actor Nakkhul tells us his favourite, drool-worthy Christmas desserts that he is looking forward to this year.

Chennai’s breezy Margazhi calls for a hot beverage no doubt. But with the Christmas vibe in the air, the star is all set to lay back and enjoy the season with a cup of hot chocolate, topped with fluffy marshmallows. Not just that, the actor is also a big fan of gooey chocolate fudge, and cannot wait to dive into it this Christmas.

If this hasn’t already left you craving for some desserts, K-Town’s ace dancer – Nakkhul is also looking forward to the delectable Fruit Truffle and Caramel Custard that his wife is whipping up this Christmas. The star is of course a big fan of the season’s top choice: plum cakes.

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