“Kadaikutty Singam will be a 100% entertainer with emotions and family values” – Pandiraj

Looking back into the list of movies that Pandiraj has made, he has always attempted with impressing family audiences. Over here, he is back with same method, this time with a much more significant theme in ‘Kadaikutty Singam’. There have been assumptions and claims citing that it’s a film based on ‘Agriculture’. But Pandiraj get on for a clarification saying, “Kadaikutty Singam will be a 100% entertainer with emotions and family values emphasized. We have brought forth the importance of Agriculture in the backdrops, but not completely about it. Usually, when the word ‘Farmer’ is quoted, it comes tagged with misinterpreted synonyms like poverty, low sector in the society and so on. But here, the film tries to project them in positive way, which is nothing but reality.  Indeed, movies like Anandam and Surya Vamsam have inspired me, where family audiences enjoy them thoroughly even today. Henceforth, making such movies to their entertainment has been my motto.  In Kadaikutty Singam, the story revolves around a huge family with 5 sisters, brother-in-laws and the youngest brother.”
Furthermore, director Pandiraj adds that ‘Emotions’ will play a key role in the movie. “Without emotions, there is nothing in any movie.  Even the historical hits like Baahubali and Titanic had the emotional essence for which they were received well than just being a grand movie,” says Pandiraj.
The director tots up saying that Kadaikutty Singam will showcase the bonding between father and son. There will be an equal mix of fun, sentiments, action and music, which will offer the wholesome entertainment experience to the audiences.

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