Pongal fete gets all its rustic charm at Dr. MGR-Janaki College for Women

Pongal fete gets all its rustic charm

at Dr. MGR-Janaki College for Women

Excitement and mirth was around as students of Dr. MGR-Janaki College for Women in traditional attire celebrated Pongal in the institution’s campus 10th Jan 2019. It was amazing to watch bustling activities happen in a village setting recreated specially for the occasion.

Over 2000 students wearing traditional Half Sari / Silk Sari added perfect color to the celebrations. There were shops entirely set up and managed by students. They played vendors and sold Bangles & Balloons, Sugarcane Juice, Butter Milk, Tender Coconuts and Cotton Candy and more. Scenes of Parrot fortune-telling, porridge vending, Bhajji and Sundal stalls brought alive the beauty of village sandhai.

Kolaattam, Kummiyattam, Garagattam and Oyilaatam folk dances by students made onlookers tap their feet to the beat. Students’ harmonic chorus of ‘Pongalo… Pongal’ ripped the air when the Pongal came to a boil, the main dish offered to god as thanksgiving for good crop and harvest. With this the festivity came to a close.

“In this fast-changing world, it is important for us to preserve our tradition and values. Celebrations like this will help younger generation realize the richness of our culture and pass on it the next generation. Towards this effect, our college is regularly organizing culturally rich events,” said Mrs. Latha Rajendran, Secretary, Dr. MGR-Janaki College for Women.


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